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    Ghost Pirate

    Being careful to step over the slumbering masses of seamen scattered about the deck, Enoch continued to search for her lover, Aasir, but her small glistening frame was nowhere to be found. Considering the slight shine that radiated from her translucent form and the dozens of jewels embedded throughout her tightly wound curls, Enoch thought she would have been easier to find. But at last, her star-like-lady had yet to grace the night. “Looking for someone?” called Matty from overhead. He stood on the quarterdeck leaning against the helm and slightly adjusted the steering wheel to keep the ship from going astray. For a moment, Enoch thought it better to…

  • Digital Log Book

    04. Finishing Up, Taking Photos, & the Exhibition

    04. Finishing Up, Taking Photos, & the Exhibition April 10, 2022, Sunday [9:29 am – 2:17 pm, 8:05 – 11:59 pm]; April 11, 2022, Monday [12:00 – 5:04 am] https://youtu.be/-qvYKSPBH5A Kaytria’s dress photoshoot storyboard April 11, 2022, Monday [5:00 pm – 7:15 pm] Did the photoshoot with my models at the first LLC with my friend Gaby as the photographer April 13, 2022, Wednesday [3:03 – 6:42 pm] Maria finished editing photos and I went to thrift store to buy picture frames April 14, 2022, Thursday [10:00 am – 12:26 pm, 12:45 – 1:50 pm] selecting photos for exhibition and arrangment of pictureframes Anastasia and Nell Ruby help me put…

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    03. Getting the Dresses Together

    03. Getting the Dresses Together March 15, 2022, Tuesday [1:03 – 2:17pm] https://youtu.be/5EfaJ7abNPI going fabric shopping March 16, 2022, Wednesday [4:17 – 6:56 pm] Creating a templete so my models can accuratly communicate what features that want and don’t want to be a part of their dresses https://youtu.be/9o38BOn7jYs March 26, 2022, Saturday [6:18 – 8:28 pm] diy pdf of dress pattern March 27, 2022, Sunday – April 6, 2022, Wednesday

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    Digital Storytelling

    Digital Storytelling Short Form Videos | Long Form Videos | Podcast  | Presentations Tiktok – Percival.has.a.pen Below are a few videos from my Tiktok, an application that… . Click here to see the rest of my Tiktok feed. Powered by Curator.io Long form videos Podcast These three podcast episodes are from the podcast “Reaper Research”, a response to the anthropology course ANT-395: Afterlives of Empires. From the course syllabus, “This course investigates how people across the globe care for the dead in the wake of mass violence, such as war, colonialism, slavery, and genocide. We will place frameworks from the anthropology of religion into conversation with the anthropology of care in…

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    02. Processes, Models, & Interviews

    02. Processes, Models, & Interviews Doing art in an academic environment or in a group setting, is a new experience for me. Despite having numerous artistic hobbies that I’ve learned from the internet or trial and error, I’ve only taken about three art classes in my life (one in elementary and two in college). So the first group critique I experienced for this class, ART-460, was really shocking for me. Sure, I’ve received critiques before from professors and peers in my other classes, but that’s different. The purpose of critiquing an essay or a presentation is to fix the errors and get as close to perfect as possible. But there’s…

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    This was never going to be easy, thought Ahwa as she approached the raging bonfire and snatched up the remaining duffle bag. Rattling it around, she could have sworn it were empty if not for the clang of a brass compass striking against an unsheathed dagger and a few other items not worth mentioning. It wasn’t much, but she expected that. Ahwa, nor any of the six other teenagers anxiously standing near the fire, were there to celebrate their recent coming of age. That would come later, if they survived. Tonight, for who knows how long, was about the culling. Despite the secrecy surrounding the initiation ceremony, they all knew…

  • Digital Log Book

    01. Measurements, Pattern Blocks & Designs

    01. Measurements, Pattern Blocks & Designs I have never created a curated collection of clothes before. All the dresses and other garments I’ve sewn in the past were stand alone pieces either inspired by a the fabric itself or, an original character of mine I wished to bring to life through clothes. The idea of designing an entire look without knowing what fabric I intend to use sounded terrifying – limitless. Being restricted by the fabric I thrifted from the thrift store gave me boundaries; I only had so much of the mysterious material and couldn’t replenish it if I messed up or need more. This, in a way, forced…