“Hi, my name is Percie Thompson from Agnes Scott College; welcome to my website”.

Knighthood: A Familial Connection

“Percie”, is a family name I have inherited from my grandmother, great-grandmother, and cousins. Popularly characterized as a male name originated from Normandy, France, I define it differently.

“Percie”, for me, is a wrinkled elderly African American woman who is stern, but sweet. She is commonly found in rocking chairs on summer evenings amongst faint stars and fireflies.  Percie is a peacefulness achieved in old age after decades of hardships. She is a person my mother hopes I will become. But like knighthood, Percie is a title to be earned, not given. So until then, I take the mantle of Percival- a famed knight from King Author’s round table who too, was once a bright-eyed adolescent.

Agnes Scott College & Digital Portfolios

Agnes Scott is a private women’s liberal arts college focused on, “Educating women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times.” Achieved through Summitâ„¢, students are afforded the opportunity to learn abroad, granted a board of advisors, and given the tools to create a Digital Portfolio – a visual culmination of your four years at Agnes Scott.